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Top Reasons to Install VFD Panels at Your Workplace


The frequency of the electric motor is directly proportional to its velocity. If the electrical device does not require an electric motor to function at full speed the VFDs come in handy as they help to reduce the frequency and voltage to meet the requirements of the motor’s capacity. Depending upon the speed required the VFD increases or reduces the motor’s speed with great ease. The VFDs involve several components such as a modem, PLC, line reactors, anti-condensation heater, circuit breakers, motor starters, harmonic filters, cooling unit etc.

There are several reasons which make it essential to install a VFD panel:
Reduced energy consumption and cost: Power consumption rises rapidly as you use the electric motor systems. The panel helps to adjust the motor speed depending upon the load requirements. All VFD dealers state that energy consumption and consequently the cost can be reduced by varying the speed of the electric motor with the help of a VFD panel.

Decrease in power line disturbance: There is reduced power line disturbance with the installation of the VFD panel. Voltage sag is avoided as the motor is switched on at zero electrical control panel manufacturer energy and then raised up.

Cleanliness of electrical parts: The VFD panel ensures that all the components remain in a single panel and this makes it easy to cover and protect it from dirt, dust, and other particles. The device lasts for longer times and incidents of tripping or short-circuit are avoided.

Decreased wear and tear: VFD panel helps to avoid voltage sagging, ensure smooth functioning of the system and reduce the occurrence of other hazards. Issues of under voltage, over voltage, electro thermal overloads, phase protection etc can be prevented. This ensures lesser downtime, decreases the wear and tear costs and enables your equipment to give expected results for more times to come.

Increased production: You can have control over the speed of your electric motor and operate it at optimum speeds. This helps to enhance your production levels and earn more revenues.

VFD panels is a must have requirement for almost every industrial application and it has to be installed if you want the smooth functioning of your electric motor. A cost effective device with innumerable benefits, VFDs are an indispensable part of your electrical system. Just as the VFDs, another device that is equally important in any industrial application is the automatic electrical control panel which helps to switch to standby generator in case of power stoppage.

If you need to purchase any of the items based on your demand specifications then it is better to consult one of the nearest Variable Frequency Drive dealers or the Automatic Electrical Control Panel manufacturers for advice. Reliable dealers and manufacturers offer quality products at affordable prices.

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