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Hydra CPA Network Review


When you first hit at the Hydra CPA Network website, you instantly get the feel that these guys are going to be great to work with. This is not least because of the feel and professionalism that has been put into the appearance of their website.

Hydra Network is undoubtedly one of the best CPA’s to work with for many reasons. For a start they pay great rates for many CPA offers that you may see on other networks, and if by chance they aren’t paying as good as another network a quick message to your affiliate manager soon sorts that out.

When it comes to payments from Hydra Network, you can be guaranteed that they will be on time and be 100% correct. This is because unlike other CPA Networks, Hydra has the cash flow to pay you even if the merchant hasn’t already paid them. This leads to a great situation as you don’t get all the nonsense that other networks will give you regarding cash flow issues.

гидра онион treats you like a human being – not cattle in all of your dealings. Some CPA Networks make you feel like the second rate citizen because you’re the publisher; however Hydra always bear in mind that because of us publishers, that they make the money that they do.

When the Acai berry boom started, Hydra Network were one of the first to jump on the bandwagon and start giving you high paying Acai offers to promote. This is a prime example that Hydra is on the ball and looking to give you the best offers.

Many of Hydras CPA offers are exclusive, which I find is always important as it means that you guaranteed not to be undercut from some promoting it from another network.

If you are looking for incentive offers then you will be in luck as they have a few and they convert very well.

As far as I can see there are no bad points to this network as they are very obliging and have always endeavored to make my experience with them first class.


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