Discover How Mobility Scooter Carriers Are Enhancing the Lives of People With Disabilities

More people with difficulties or disabilities are discovering the benefits of using a Powered Mobility Scooters, or “buggies” as users refer to them as.

The many benefits include:

+ The ability to travel longer distances and climb steeper inclines than they could with a manual wheelchair.

+ They eliminate the need for a second person to assist them or push the wheelchair.

+ The elimination of any physical effort on the part of the user.

Often these users of scootmobiel aangepast handicap also have a vehicle, or access to the use of one.The scooter is generally left behind when they use their vehicle.The way this can be overcome is by using a mobility scooter carrier which attaches to the rear of the vehicle. These can be fitted to any vehicle such as RV’s, cars, vans,coaches, motorhomes etc.When the carrier is not in use it can be folded up vertically against the back of the vehicle.

Removing the Mobility scooter carrier is made easy by the use of a special adapter which attaches to the vehicles tow bar. They can then be stowed indoors in a garage.

Using a mobility scooter carrier means that people dependent upon the use of scooters can increase their mobility and hence the freedom and quality of their lives.Having the ability to travel more often and easily, has a positive effect on their happiness and outlook on life.They no longer feel tied to their home, or that they are limited to travelling short distances. They can now travel anywhere they wish.

Many users of mobility scooter carriers are saying that it has been a boon to their and has dramatically increased the quality of their lives. Especially the ability to go on Holiday and take their Buggy with them.


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